Asthma Educator Certification Cost Increase

The National Asthma Educator Certification Board (NAECB) provides the Certified Asthma Educator (AE-C) examination, which is nationally recognized as the preeminent certification for asthma educators. The cost of this examination has consistently been below the cost of similar national certification examinations since 2007, when the last cost adjustment went into effect. In order for the NAECB to be able to provide the most up-to-date and comprehensive certification for asthma educators, we will be increasing the cost of the Certified Asthma Educator (AE-C) examination, as well as related costs.

Beginning July 1, 2017 the following pricing structure will go into effect:

Certification by examination $350
Repeat examination attempts $250
Recertification $300
Recertification past expiration date $350
Self-Assessment Examination $75
Lapel Pins $11
Replacement certificates $25
Bundled examination testing (minimum 10 examinations) discounted at $300 each
Award for examination scholarship will increase to $250
Award for scholarship for recertification will increase to $200

Grace Period for Recertifying as an AE-C© by Continuing Education Units(CEUs)

At a recent meeting of the National Asthma Educator Certification Board (NAECB), a significant change in the recertification process was approved by Board members:

  • If your certification is about to expire, you can recertify by continuing education units (CEUs), as an alternative to taking the examination, if you meet the recertification by CEU requirements.
  • If your certification has already expired, you can still recertify by continuing education units (CEU) through a newly initiated grace period by meeting the recertification by CEU requirements and paying a late fee!
  • If your credential is 2 or more years past its expiration date, you will be eligible to recertify by examination ONLY.

In order to recertify by CEUs, please note the following:

  • A certificant must submit all required forms, including documentation of 35 continuing education units pertaining to asthma in order to be considered for recertification by continuing education units.
  • The board has dermined that 35 continuing education units in asthma-related content (earned within 5 years of the date of application) will constitute recertification for the AE-C® credential.
  • TheBoard has formed an expert panel of certified asthma educators who will evaluate the continuing education courses for validity to ensure that they are pertinent to the Detailed Content Outline (DCO), which can be downloaded from our website, The DCO serves as the matrix for the NAECB examination.

Please note that there will be a late fee assessed for any certificant applying for recertification by CEUs past the expiration date of his/her credential. The recertification fee structure is as follows:

  • $245 - Recertification by CEUs up to and including date of expiration
  • $345 - Recertification by CEUs past date of expiration

We hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity to recertify or retain your AE-C® credential and we wish you success with the recertification process

Recertification by Continuing Education as a Certified Asthma Educator (AE-C)

Recertification demonstrates that professionals previously certified have maintained a level of contemporary knowledge in asthma education. The NAECB requires that all AE-C®s recertify every 7 years by examination or every 5 years by continuing education units to maintain certification status. Recertification by CEUs is valid for 5 years and the credential will expire if it is not renewed after five years. It is the responsibility of each AE-C® to stay abreast of changes in certification and recertification requirements and to recertify in a timely manner, as defined above. Valid dates of the credential should be monitored and application for recertification submitted by published deadlines. A reminder will be mailed/emailed 1 year, 9, 6, and 3 months before recertification by CEU would expire. It is the responsibility of each AE-C® to keep mail and email addresses up-to-date. Updated information should be submitted to NAECB using the Updated Form found on our website ( Extension of certification are not granted.


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