We know many people have questions about strategies to obtain reimbursement for asthma education, including the use of specific codes. While some Members of the NAECB Board have experience and expertise in these areas, addressing these types of inquiries is not the purview of the Board of Directors. In other words, expertise in reimbursement is not a pre-requisite for a Board Member. Also, reimbursement varies tremendously by region and by payer, so no one strategy will work for everyone, or everywhere. Additionally, because individuals may have varied experiences, we are concerned that information and advice provided by a single Board Member may not be consistent, or representative of advice given by another Member.

The primary goal of the National Asthma Educator Certification Board is to develop and implement qualifications/standards, as well as the certification examination for Asthma Educators on a national level. The NAECB Board of Directors recommends that individuals interested in reimbursement for asthma education visit the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) “Communities in Action for Asthma Friendly Environments” website, designed to connect asthma programs and coalitions throughout the country. Please visit:

This site will provide you with action strategies, community profiles, conferences, resource banks and discussion forums to address reimbursement, among other programming questions.You will also have the ability to request a Mentor — a registered participant, who voluntarily collaborates with other programs to provide guidance on community-based asthma management. These individuals have first-hand knowledge and experience with community-based asthma programs and success with improving asthma care.