To ensure that a course you are taking will actually prepare you for the examination, the NAECB suggests a checklist of items to ask about and look for in any course:

  1. Is the candidate handbook provided by the NAECB used as part of the teaching materials or has it been used to develop the course?
  2. Are there Certified Asthma Educator’s (AE-C®) on the faculty of the course or available for questions?
  3. Is the organization keeping a record of their pass rate and if so, what is the pass rate?

These are not the only criteria that any candidate should consider when choosing a course. They are simply three areas that the NAECB believes should be considered in any decision.

Review Materials:

As a independent certification body, the NAECB is not associated with, or endorses any, review courses. NAECB board members also have not participated in any way in the development of any outside materials marketed for review of this exam. NAECB does not endorse any outside materials marketed for the review of this exam. Any claims about success in helping to pass the Asthma Educator Certification Examination by using these materials should be investigated thoroughly by the candidate.

NAECB has a list of resource materials that may be used by candidates as part of an overall plan of preparation for the exam. None of these materials are meant to be review materials or review courses explicitly meant to be used to prepare solely for the NAECB asthma educator certification examination.