The NAECB exam is a voluntary testing program used to assess qualified health professionals knowledge in asthma education. It is an evaluative process that demonstrates that rigorous education and experience requirements have been met. Certification is voluntary and is not required by law for employment in the field, although some agencies may use AE-C® certification as a basis for employment, job promotions, salary increases, or other considerations. Click on the links below for more information about the Certified Asthma Educator process.

PSI Test Center Experience

For questions about the registration process or payment receipts, please contact our test administrator at 1-888-519-9901.


Certification by Examination $350

Repeat Examination $250

Recertification $300

Recertification past expiration date $350


Self-Assessment Examination $75


Bundled examination testing (minimum 10 examinations) discounted at $300 each

Award for Examination Scholarship $350

Award for Scholarship for Recertification by Examination $300


There has been great interest by our certificants in recertifying by way of continuing education.  The announcement was sent by letter, email newsletter, and through our partners in asthma education relaying the message.  A number of questions have been asked and we would like to address these:

Q: Do you accept CEUs from Pediatric Advanced Life Support or Advanced Cardiac Life Support?

A: No. CPR, PALS and ACLS are not addressed in the Detailed Content Outline (DCO). The DCO is found the handbook located on the website.  The Detailed Content Outline is the map for the certifying exam.  The continuing education must be pertinent to the DCO.  This is the basis for the questions of the exam and they are based on a job analysis performed three years ago.  The continuing education must be related to that outline to ensure competency of the AE-C©.  We also consider the EPR-3 as a topical guide for continuing education. In other words, if a CEU topic can be linked to an EPR-3 recommendation, it may be considered “asthma-specific” enough to meet our requirement.

Q: How can I pay for recertification and what is the cost?

A: The cost to recertify by continuing education is $300 and can be sent with completed documentation by mail or can be done with credit card online through the website.

Q: Where can I go to obtain more CEUs?

A: There are a number of websites that offer continuing education.  For instance offers continuing education and there is no cost.  The American Lung Association, Association of Asthma Educators, American Association for Respiratory Care, and other professional organizations offer annual conferences as well as on line services.  Before taking an online course, be sure the provider is on the Recognized Provider List at the NAECB website.

Q: How long does the process take to get my approval?

A: The application must be completed in full to move through the process of approval.  There will not be preliminary evaluation.  Therefore, payment, certificates, code of conduct, and application all must be sent or the certification cannot be processed.  Please send ONLY those certificates and list courses or lectures that you think are specific to the detailed content outline or EPR-3 recommendations.