You are a certificant if:

  • You received a passing score at the end of your examination.
  • You have received a certificate from NAECB.

Congratulations on becoming a Certified Asthma Educator ( AE-C®). Now that you have passed the exam, you may use the AE-C®designation on your business cards, email signatures, letterhead, or anywhere else that you would like to show your pride at becoming part of a select group of individuals dedicated to excellence in asthma education.

As a certificant, you will be called upon once a year to help nominate and vote for new board members. This is a wonderful opportunity for you or those you work with to be part of creating and maintaining a gold standard for asthma educators.

You will receive our  e-newsletter filled with information to help you be more effective as an AE-C®. You can access the archived issues in the Certificant Corner.

Please contact us with any questions, concerns, or comments regarding the certification process or to change your contact information.

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