Membership in the NAECB committees is open by invitation to interested individuals. Some committees require that members be certified asthma educators (AE-C).

To join a committee, all members must commit to at least one year of service. Committee members must be on all conference calls, attend meetings when necessary, and actively complete tasks and contribute to the charge of the committee consistent with the mission of the NAECB.

If you are interested in joining a particular committee, please forward a statement of interest and your resume or CV to the Executive office at NAECB, 530 E Hunt Hwy Ste. 103 #291 San Tan Valley AZ. 85143 Telephone No: 877.408.0072 or by email to info@naecb.org. Requests will then be forwarded to the Board chair.


All committees conduct business via email and conference calls. Time commitment varies by committee and may change due to various projects. Some committees have a monthly conference call (moderate). Most committees however, have a conference call 2-3 times per year with all other work conducted via email (minimal).



Charge: Responsible for all phases of examination development, including the job analysis, examination content, delivery, security, and determination of the passing score.

Membership: AE-C only

Time Commitment: intense

Examination-Item Writers

Charge: Responsible for writing items for examination and other related products.

Volunteer Opportunity: Item Writing. Must be AE-C. Participation in training is required.

Time Commitment: moderate to intense


Charge: Recommends actions to the Board regarding fiscal management and also responsible, through a Task Force, for securing an appropriate CPT code as the first step for third party reimbursement for asthma counseling.

Membership: standard

Time Commitment: moderate

Judicial & Ethics

Charge: Recommend policies to the Board to ensure the NAECB operates within the law and at the highest ethical level, review and determine actions related to candidate code of conduct, and resolve potential conflict of interest issues.

Membership: standard

Time Commitment: minimal to moderate

PR/Marketing & Research

Charge: To raise public awareness regarding the importance of the NAECB and the certifying exam through the development and maintenance of a website (www.naecb.com) and other media. To publish and make available information to the public regarding eligibility requirements, summary of the knowledge and functions covered by the examination, and the examination and certification/recertification process. To publish and make available a summary of the certification activities, including examination and certification statistics, to the public and certificants. To serve as a liaison to the stakeholders through regular and timely communications. To develop a marketing strategy for the NAECB together with the Finance Committee. To coordinate media relations of the NAECB.

Membership: standard

Time Commitment: moderate


Charge: To develop process for the distribution of the Linda B. Scholarship Fund. To pursuer additional funding for the scholarship. To provide assistance to potential candidates pursuing the AE-C certification.

Membership: standard

Time Commitment: minimal to moderate

Non-committee Volunteer Opportunities:

Writing articles
Providing legal expertise
Grant Writing