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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Certification Timeframe Change

Effective June 1, 2020, the certification period for Certified Asthma Educators will be 5 years after taking and passing the certification exam.  The NAECB board recently approved this change in the certification timeframe from the current 7 years to 5 years to ensure that our certificants stay current with rapidly evolving research, technology and pharmaceutical options for managing asthma.  Candidates who take and pass the examination prior to June 1, 2020, will maintain their certification for 7 years.  Anyone taking the examination after that date will maintain their certification for 5 years.  The timeframe for candidates recertifying by CEUs remains unchanged at 5 years.



The NAECB exam is a voluntary testing program used to assess qualified health professionals knowledge in asthma education.

It is an evaluative process that demonstrates that rigorous education and experience requirements have been met. Certification is voluntary and is not required by law for employment in the field, although some agencies may use AE-C® certification as a basis for employment, job promotions, salary increases, or other considerations.


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